Virtual - IOSH Legionella Mgmt for Responsible Persons-1 Day Refresher

Virtual - IOSH Legionella Mgmt for Responsible Persons-1 Day Refresher

IOSH Approved Virtual - IOSH Legionella Mgmt for Responsible Persons-1 Day Refresher Course

IOSH Approved

Venue:Online via MS Teams Private Classroom (Zoom also available for in-house if preferred)

Dates of Course:

Course Duration: 1 day
Starting Time: 9 AM
Ending Time: 5 PM
Price per Person: £228 (Inc VAT)

  5.00 out of 5

*NEW COURSE - The Official, fully IOSH Approved, One-Day Refresher Course*

NB: Delegates must have previously completed the full Two-Day course prior to this Refresher  (If unsure, please call to discuss)

Who are ISAC (UK) Ltd?

We are the official authors and lecturers of the highly recognised, two day, IOSH Approved Legionella Management for Responsible Person course. We have designed and run the course for the past 25 years. Due to the course's popularity we have now decided to introduce an official, fully IOSH Approved, One-Day refresher course for past delegates.

Why Choose an IOSH Approved Training Course?

By attending an IOSH approved training course you can be fully assured that both the course itself and the presenters have met the rigorous IOSH approval criteria. There are only a limited number of health and safety training providers authorised to offer and deliver IOSH training courses and this ensures that the credibility of each training course is maintained and that an IOSH approved qualification or certification continues to be considered the most desired and recognised qualification in the profession.

What is IOSH?

IOSH stands for the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. It is the world’s only Chartered body for health and safety professionals and has over 45,000 members worldwide, spanning over 100 countries. As an independent and not-for-profit organisation, IOSH aims to regulate and steer the health and safety profession partly through its formal accreditation process of approved training courses.

ISAC UK Ltd’s lecturers themselves have been members of IOSH for over 14 years and are themselves professional health and safety consultants, with vast experience in the industry. As trainers, they have utilised their skills and knowledge to develop a unique and distinct suite of IOSH Approved training courses in a number of specific subjects for industry.

Introduction to our IOSH Approved Training Courses

We are proud that our One-Day IOSH Appoved Legionella Management for Responsible Person Refresher course is part of our current IOSH Approved Suite of Courses that includes the following:

IOSH Approved One-Day Legionella Control for Property Management
IOSH Approved Two-Day Legionella Management for Responsible Persons
IOSH Approved Two-Day Modern CoSHH Management
IOSH Approved Two-Day Work Equipment and Machinery Safety

ISAC UK Ltd is the original author and the ISAC directors have been the presenters of these IOSH courses for over 25 years. Originally, they formed part of the Continuous Professional Development portfolio that ISAC delivered on behalf of IOSH itself.

Now openly available to all members of the public, this One-Day Legionella Refresher course has already become the accepted Refresher training course for many organisations’ employees that have previously undertaken the full Two-Day version with ourselves.

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Geoff Hornby and Alex Sammut

Training Course Outline:

The IOSH approved course has been specifically designed for delegates that have previously completed the full Two-Day version.

It remains focused on the key components of the risks posed by Legionella bacteria and how a business can ensure that it adequately controls those components to ensure a safe working environment.

The course covers, and underlines, the latest requirements within both the CoSHH Regulations and the Approved Code of Practice (L8) for ‘The Control of Legionella Bacteria within Water Systems’. In addition, this course takes an in depth look at the current Technical Guidance Documents – HSG274 Parts 1, 2 and 3 as well as HSG282.

During the course, delegates will revisit a number of different waterbased systems as well as refreshing techniques for critiquing contractors, to ensure competency in everyday matters as well as a contractor’s water sampling programmes.

The course looks at the latest aspects of maintenance programmes and developments of Log Book records as well as Written Schemes of Control, as laid out in the Approved Code of Practice requirements.

During the course delegates will develop key skills in:

  • best practice approaches to managing Legionella bacteria
  • the main components of an effective preventive maintenance programme
  • plan the requirements of a successful water sampling programme

In order to ensure that participants leave the course with the ability to develop their Legionella management programme effectively the course comprises of a formal Legionella risk assessment and a final written assessment that will ensure the consolidation of knowledge gained throughout the day.

Ultimately, this course will enable a participant to continue to fulfil the role of ‘Responsible Person’. Click here to book a place on the course now.

Who Should Attend?

NB: Delegates must have previously completed the full, Two-Day, IOSH Approved Legionella Managemnet for Responsible Persons Course.

This IOSH Approved Legionella Refresher training course is suitable for engineers and managers with responsibilities related to Legionella control within their buildings / factories / premises. In addition, this course is well suited for health and safety professionals responsible for the undertaking of Legionella risk assessments.

Delegates on this course have been from a large range of industries including: Leisure, Manufacturing, NHS Trusts, Tourism, Retail, Councils and Construction.


By successfully completing this training course the delegate will gain an IOSH Approved Certificate in ‘Legionella Management for Responsible Persons - Refresher Course’.

In addition, many delegates use the hours from this course as part of their required CPD hours towards maintaining their membership within their professional institute.

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In-House Training

ISAC can also deliver an in-house Virtual - IOSH Legionella Mgmt for Responsible Persons-1 Day Refresher course anywhere in the UK, Europe or further afield.

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